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Updated: Aug 31

I get thoughts and ideas all of the time and will share here. I welcome your comments and discussions. Please be kind and take the time to listen to others. Arguing and fighting will get us nowhere. Please let us not talk politics as a general rule.

I am finally learning to play the piano. I got a great deal on a Yamaha Motif ES8 and am enjoying getting to know this amazing instrument. I have learned over the years how to learn. It's a fun process and with patience and consistency found that I can learn to do just about anything. I only play music because I love music. I have found that freestyle playing (noodling) is an amazing way to get better. I will noodle around until I find something interesting or difficult and then concentrate on that for awhile. I also like to play scales and read music to learn new tunes but the weird thing is that when I concentrate on learning a performance by another player I find my own creativity suffers. Does anyone else experience this?

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