Dee Girard Makowski

Welcome fellow harmonica players! My name is Don Makowski (my friends call me Dee) and I am a musician and harmonica tech. I have taught myself how to work on harmonicas through reading and studying and working on harmonicas. I have worked on a vast array of harps both chromatic and diatonic and even customized a Hohner 265 bass harmonica. I enjoy working on harmonicas and solving problems, I always have! I have developed Teflon harmonica gaskets that help seal the reedplate to comb and mouthpiece to comb on both chromatics and blues harps. Recently I have been focused on solving the chromatic windsaver - chromatic valve problem. I have developed a self-adhesive windsaver valve that is easy to assemble, without glue and responds much better than stock windsavers. They virtually eliminate sticking and flapping and are feather light. Dee's self adhesive windsavers are the best you can buy! Try them! You will not be disappointed!

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