New and improved self adhesive Breath Maximizer valves for both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. I am constantly working to perfect the performance and adhesion of these breath savers and believe this latest iteration to be the absolute best!

This new improvement includes:

1)  The adhesion between the felt and the self adhesive that attaches to the reed plate. It is so good now that if you accidentally misplace or get the windsaver crooked you can now peel it off and re-position it.

2) I am using a lighter felt material for better flexibility

The valves consist of a first layer of compressed 100% polyester with a second layer of Mylar. The Polyester will not absorb moisture and eliminates sticking valves. They are easy to install, peel and stick and stay in place. The self adhesive will not dry out and these valves will not fall off. You can play your harmonica immediately after installing these since there is no drying time needed. They have served me well for years without any issues. Each order is for 12 Breath Max Valves plus a couple extras for practice assembling, instruction sheet, and free worldwide shipping. 

Standard Breath Maximizer Valves